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Better World Sounds have produced vaious CDs that contain music of hope and world messages that we are sure you will enojoy.  It is music to enjoy and the words are words we all can live by.

Listen to "If For Once In My Life" here and follow the lyrics

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For Once In My Life

"For once I can say, the dream is real, don't wake me or shake me, 'cause this dream's here to carry me on; this dream's here to make me strong".


The ‘dream within’ is one that is lived out, not slept through nor imagined. It is God’s gift in us meant to propel us forward, always forward, through life’s realities, good and bad. The ‘dream within’ is a light for our life’s path; wings to lift, empower, and inspire us to be all that we can and should be, and that something inside of us to carry us and make us strong enough to face our daily struggles with hope, beyond the moment.

Help Me Change The World


"Help Me Change The World" is more than a music album. It is an exciting, thrilling, challenging, and inspirational journey of songs of hope, love, and caring that carries a message of hope for a better world and society.


As long as there are HOPES and DREAMS there is always an opportunity to have an impact on Changing The World.


This inspiration behind the music?


"Help Me Change The World"

The passion to want to ‘help change the world’ comes from a close look at the world.


"Love Is All We Need"

Love is that angel deep inside all of us that helps us to see.


"I Believe In You And Me"

Everything of value is about relationships.


"Just Free Me To Be Me"

Having a mother who struggled in her final years with memory loss prompted much of the feeling in this song. What she needed then is no different than what you or I need now.


"One Society"

From Heaven’s view, the entire world, with all of its races, nationalities, classes, and cultures, is just ‘one big human family’.


"Voices Crying"

All over the world, there are lonely voices crying out from despair, misery, and human struggles of every kind.


"Do It For Them"

There’s a wounded child around us and within us that cries out to be protected, healed, and set free.


"You Are My Best Friend"

Friends are a blessing, but best friends are nothing short of a miracle from God.

"Where Love Fills The Heart"

There is a place deep down inside all of us where the fragile heart can go undisturbed.

"Let's Celebrate Today"

Don't fret over yesterday's disappointments, nor tomorrow's uncertainties. Today is all really have, let's energize it.

Voices Crying For Healing

This wonderful CD was produced with a focus on healing.  Better World Sounds feels that there are "Voices Crying for Healing" and we all can help with the healing.


As long as there are HOPES and DREAMS there is always an opportunity for healing.

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© 2014 by Better World Sounds.


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