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Better World Sounds Music Composition & Publication was formed in 1992 to compose, publish, and disseminate contemporary music creating a universal message of hope and healing. Against the backdrop of human dysfunction and suffering, whether personal, interpersonal, societal, or global, Better World Sounds’ music makes its appeal to listeners for a better world.

In 1992, Better World Sounds produced its first CD single, ‘Voices Crying For Healing.’ To absorb the song’s passion is to be left nothing short of feeling that ‘this has got to be a better world,’ as even children’s voices chime in on the theme. The ultimate goal then of establishing a path around the globe with music carrying a message creating hope and healing in the human heart is the same today. While the project attained a significant testimony of exposure, personal passion, professional review, and airing, it was but one beginning step along a global path that has only stretched farther with even more human cries since then.


In 2004, Better World Sounds produced its first full CD, ‘Help Me Change The World’, bringing songwriter, musicians, and vocal artists together to take the pursuit to its next level. In a sense, ‘Help Me Change The World’ is more than a music album. It is rather an exciting, thrilling, challenging, and inspirational journey of songs carrying a message that creates hope for lives, relationships, and a world left in the balance. This concert of songs has been composed to touch the heart, accent the passion within, jolt the inspirational nerve, square off with indifference, and stir compassion. This is a music album for you to listen to with your heart… not just with your ears.


In between major projects, Better World Sounds Music Composition & Publishing keeps in step with needs of the hurting and suffering world that we write and sing about through monetary contributions, past and present, to such noble projects as World Vision, American Red Cross,  Katrina Hurricane Disaster Relief, Salvation Army, Children International, Feed The Children, Inc., Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and others, as our list continues.  But even while billions of dollars pass throughout the network providing for humanitarian relief and the rebuilding of physical infrastructures, we believe that the value of rebuilding lives and restoring hope in the human heart is priceless.


And speaking of hope in the heart, as you listen to our music and message, you will undoubtedly absorb hope’s passion in ‘Help Me Change The World’; hope’s bridge in ‘I Believe In You and Me’; hope’s angel in ‘Love Is All We Need’; hope’s freedom in ‘Free Me To Be Me’; hope’s family in ‘One Society; hope’s healing in ‘Voices Crying’; hope’s child in ‘Do It For Them’; hope’s friend in ‘You Are My Best Friend’; hope’s home in ‘Where Love Fills The Heart’; and, hope’s celebration in ‘Let’s Celebrate Today’.


In spite of the sufferings, dysfunctions, and hopelessness in today’s society, we at Better World Sounds believe that this can be a better world. We invite you to take the journey. Open the door of your heart to an opportunity for hope for yourself, and for another.

P.O. BOX 9903           Tyler, TX 75711            (903) 372-1415

© 2014 by Better World Sounds.


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