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It’s here! The production and release of ‘If Just This Once In My Life’, a song to inspire that dream that resides within all of us!



The ‘dream within’ is not in reference to sleeping nor daydreaming.  It is not to be confused with Utopia, or imagining perfection in a world such as ours, filled with hurt and pain.  The ‘dream within’ is one that is lived out, not slept through nor imagined.  It is God’s gift in us meant to propel us forward, always forward, through life’s realities, good and bad.  The ‘dream within’ is a  light for our life’s path; wings to lift, empower, and inspire us to be all that we can and should be, and that something inside of us to carry us and make us strong enough to face our daily struggles with hope, beyond the moment.  Who then would want to be wakened or shakened from it?  Sadly, there are many who have been wakened and shakened from their ‘dream within.’



Take the courage and dare to let the ‘dream within’ surface.  Be inspired in determination to pursue it.  Download the song for your life’s advantage.



Whatever the ‘dream within’; however manifested, and whenever reckoned with, it will always release a passion to help others hope and realize their ‘dream within.’  Similarly, Better World Sounds shares its resources on a regular basis with organizations that dream big to sponsor children, provide for the impoverished, etc. to help change lives and foster hope for others around the world.





Hope is not a buzzword nor a password reserved for the fortunate or more privileged.  It is a God-given passport meant to be embraced by every individual born into the human family to help live in inspiration through life’s challenges.  Sadly, there are many who have yet to embrace it.  Hope in the heart does not just make a difference. It is the difference in all of life itself.  Hope is real and just as sure to do its work in the heart, as the sun is sure to rise and set each day.



Take a moment and let your heart listen to a sample of a concert of hope in the ‘Help Me Change The World’ music album.  Music with a relevant message to stir our compassion and ignite hope in the heart for people all over the world.  Download songs  according to your passion, as you capture hope’s feeling in each song.



Our motives and aim are as simple and transparent as our music…to help hope’s cause in the world, and to help others realize their ‘dream within.’


Contact us.  Join us in hope and ‘dreams within’ for a better world.


"For once I can say, the dream is real, don't wake me or shake me, 'cause this dream's here to carry me on; this dream's here to make me strong".

Pinkney Butler

Better World Sounds Music

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